Our Background

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the leading companies in construction, interior decoration and refurbishing of palaces, residences, hotels, resorts, office buildings etc ... We are established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at 21 Pr. Sultan Bin Abdulaziz St, Riyadh 12221, Saudi Arabia catering to a wide clientele consisting of Members from the Royal Family, Hotels, Resorts, Private Residences, Universities etc.


We have a team of well-talented designers whose expertise creates new innovative designs that are not only concurrent with modern trends but also suit the desire and taste of every Client. Our highly experienced Drafting Department fully equipped with the latest State of the Art technology, prepares plans, execution drawings and perspectives depicting the innermost detail taking into consideration the right choice of the Client keeping in view the commitment of the Company to provide the best satisfactory services.


Constantly on the lookout for new creative inventions and designs, our team of architects, visit numerous exhibition (worldwide) to ensure that we have the best and latest collection of finishing materials, fabrics, furniture, lighting, carpets, paintings & accessories in addition to marble, stone and specialities required to achieve the best choice for every Project.

For the purpose of regular follow up of design and quality control with our suppliers in Europe, United States & the Middle East, and for smooth shipment of our ordered materials, we have backup offices and centrale d’achat in Italy, France, Spain, USA and Lebanon.


To take care of all our local furniture upholstery, curtain fabrication and installation of high quality stretched wall fabric in our projects, we have a large unit in Riyadh complete with all latest modern technology and employing around 18 tailors and cutting masters to ensure that our designs match High Quality Standards.


A manufacturing unit involved in production of high quality gypsum products such as columns, arches, gypsum fibrous ceiling, gypsum mouldings and cornices, capitals etc., after taking into consideration each and every detail and requirement. This unit enables us not only to respect the delivery of our project (which is of prime importance) but also ensuring the quality of products catered to our valuable clients.


We are specialised in producing custom furniture based on the designer’s lay-out, shop drawings and specifications. We take special care in preparation of cut-to- size, Built-in Furniture like Wardrobes, Doors, Cabinets etc., for ready on-site installation and production of furniture requiring florentine, tudor-wash, lacquered paint etc., designed in antique way and for making furniture of high quality and richness, involving carving, wood marquetry, bronze and gilded type products, etc..

Our plants in Riyadh covers 1,450 sq.metres with a workforce of 14 skilled craftsmen 

All our units are equipped with full machinery, equipment and tools. We also have computerised machines in order to complete our line of production. All our plants have different production sections which include

  • A Wood Working Section 
  • A Wood carving, an inlay, and a hand décor section 
  • A lumber, veneer and marquetry section 
  • A Wood finishing section and a spray booth 
  • A Special Paint Section for Trompe L’Oeil, Florentine Wash, Antique way 
  • An Inspection department 
  • A Packing and a shipping section. 

Furthermore, we have created and are operating several structures outside our plant which are completely equipped to produce under our supervision and care.


In every project our team of architects and engineers highly experienced in Project Management strive every effort to ensure that the best quality materials and workmanship are chosen so that our sole objective of commitment to satisfy the Client is fulfilled and the best results are obtained.


In collaboration with our mother company Al Kawn Al Saudi Corporation and her 30 plus years of expertise in the field, we have established a team of Engineers and technicians to cater to the Electrical, Mechanical and Pluming requirements, including calculation loads, technical drawings, installation and maintenance services.

Our Professionals

Our management team is constituted of 7 permanent architects, designers, engineers, project managers and assistants.

Our site staff varies per project and our Projects have employed in peak times approximately 60 labourers, site engineers and foremen.

Furthermore, our subcontractors and suppliers in the Kingdom are renowned for their performance, efficiency and quick mobilisation.